Wednesday, April 20, 2016

For all you naughty boys!!!

"I'm glad you think I'm cute when I'm angry, because I'm about to get gorgeous!"


Anonymous said...

You look soooo like a deliciously strict momma Veronica, but alas, my hubby and I think you need your tender, bare bottom soundly smacked with that hairbrush - oh yes, the hornets nest for lil' brats like you young lady !
Oh my, I hope that doesn't make you real mad already ! ;-)
Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Holy crap yes Ma'am. That is hot.

Mike Pahula said...

i for surte wont be laughing when iam over your lap and you spanking me only think i be thinking how much spankin from you hurt bad and howMiss Veronica Hard spanker too

i bet i look gorgeous kicking my legs crying as you very angry bring hannds/brush down across my bare butt wishing the spankin end soon how iam sorry being naughty boys

bet you think i look real cute over your lapand my butt getting ddep beet red from a spankin only you can give me

Leslie James said...

Veronica, you're a knockout.