Monday, April 11, 2016

Yes... yet another "rub my ass" moment :(

I'm finding myself doing this more and more!


Mike Pahula said...

Well need rub ass butt to make room for more spanks and spanking come down your your luscious booty u look so cute when rubbing your butt after good spanking/paddling hope you never stop having to rub your cute butt

Anonymous said...

If I was your husband, you'd be doing that at least once a day.

Anonymous said...

Boo-Hoo. Poor Lil' Veronica, her botty stings so much. Don't worry young lady, having your nighty raised and your bare bottom soundly smacked by daddy at bedtime is just part of growing up in a strict, loving household
It's a fact of life for naughty lil' princesses Veronica. It does no harm, and does a lot of good.
Brenda xx

Njspank said...

May I please help you run!