Thursday, May 26, 2016

"A Good Girl Spanking"

Because every girl needs a good girl spanking once in awhile. :)

And Iv'e been a very good girl... xoxo
So I deserve a good girl spanking...xoxo

The look on my face says it all... xoxo


Anonymous said...

Oh my, yes you are a good lil' girl Veronica. But sadly, good girls can be very naughty at times, and strict, loving, Ol' fashioned discipline in the form of a sound, bare bottom spanking is a harsh but fair lesson for us all my girl ! Oh my, my strict mommy taught me this when I was a lil' girl growing up in the late 1960s...and boo-hoo, it has seemed to be a permanent feature :-) Oucheeeees to botties is effective and harmless Veronica. Tony is so right again ! :-)
Good Girl Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

you alway desver good girl spankings i enjoy watching you get spankin for being good girl good girl spanking better then naughty bad girl one your face show happy and happiness pleasure too as smile on face getting good spankin instead tear cry bad girl spanking

Njspank said...

Beautiful outfit. Panty?

Anonymous said...

Now Veronica, we all know you are a very naughty girl just plotting how to get your next over the knee spanking. That my dear is what the look on your face is about, there's no fooling a naughty devil so keep up your good naughty work, you're so cute in your meant to be over the knee position with your fanny blushing! =;)