Sunday, May 29, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday

"But daddy, Jimmy and his friends are peeking!"


Anonymous said...

Peep-po !! Oh my, love the soft, cotton white Southern panties duly positioned for attitude adjustment, and your sexy white botty reflecting the Austin sunlight Veronica, if not a hard hand ! Yummy ! :-)

And If you open the windows, your neighbours will hear how the naughty lil' girl next door is deal with by her Dadddy when she is naughty.
My neighbours heard the same for sure, when I was spanked back in the day (and now too ha-ha)
Oh my, the sounds of summer Veronica boo-hoo :-( Smack! Smack!
Brenda xx

Robert Stephens said...

Have a happy Memorial Day Veronica. May your bottom be as red as the red in red, white and blue. And thank you to Tony for his service....
Warm Bottoms,
RobertOTK aka

Njspank said...