Monday, May 23, 2016

My hairbrush

Waiting for my spanking as I lie on my bed with my tender bare bottom upturned and exposed, I eagerly stare at the hairbrush next to me. The implement that will redden my poor bottom, the implement that will cause me pain and keep me from sitting comfortably for hours to come, the implement that I dread but have come to love.... my hairbrush. :(


Njspank said...

Ah the awesome yet stingingly wonderful hairbrush. I too love to hate it

Anonymous said...

You are a very naughty lil' girl Veronica and yes, I am afraid your bottom is suitably clothed for a good spanking from mommy ! :-)
Hairbrush to bare botties for naughty lil' bratties Veronica. In strict traditional style - no half measures! ;-)
Oh my, soooo love the socks young lady
Strict Mama Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

how do you feel when u see people or female in public pull out their hairbtush

have you ever cry if hairbrush got lost or broken?

how do you feel when see female friend or female family bring out their hairbrush

i think hair briush spanking is your fav and your fav spanking implement is hairbrush

Mike Pahula said...

Bet your hairbrush is your fav implement and you love enjoy get pleasure when your hairtbrush being apply to your cute booty butt and you getting spanking with it bet you hold your hairbrush dear to your heart i bet same hairbrush you use to dish out your famous miss veroncia spanking