Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday morning cartoons...

Mother's day special edition...

A mother's love is unmatched.

... and the Sunday funnies :)


Anonymous said...

Love the post..."Mommy"/daughter is my favourite!!

Looking your way, young lady ;)

Ms. Ash

Njspank said...

Wow. Happy Mother's Day. Awesome ones but the Nancy one getting the hairbrush from her Aunt....memories for me I had that comic in a safe place growing up. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Super Strict Loving Mommies Day. Oh my, how truly wonderful Veronica. Oucheeeees ! xx
Southern belle mommy (one) in her pretty, canary yellow dress is exasperated. Her trusty hairbrush ("best friend") meets her lil' one's terrible tantrum in the park. Dress up, panties down, white botty on show. Fierce spontaneity in action :-)

But our second mommy waits to get home before admonishing daughter's tantrums in the mall in Austin :-) Wow ! mom's face says it all.
Third cartoon has such cute but stern narrative, how lovely Veronica.

But my favourite is cartoon 4, yes, " unmatched" Veronica. So traditional and ol' fashioned. And all too familiar, Oucheeeees!
Her cool, calm expression and cute red hand show the hornets nest has landed - our sorry lil' princess redskin for sure. Love it ! Oh my Veronica, that is so definitely my mother !
Hugs and thanks, Brenda xx