Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday's spankable...

... and some already spanked. :)


Anonymous said...

My hubby has the bath brush in mind for missy number three. And the final lil' brat has her shorts and panties suitably adjusted so that mommy can adjust her attitude!
Brenda and Hubby xx

Njspank said...


Anonymous said...

Last photo - "your backside needs a switching" (quote my mother early 1960s onwards through time!)

Love the punky attitude, tats and green nail varnish of this lil'-princess-brat, Veronica; but this fair-skinned, tender-bottomed missy needs a good tap with my trusty, mommy-aproved "botty smacker" aka, the flexible rattan switc; aka, the "hornets nest"; aka, "the rod of correction".

This nasty lil' cane gotten applied to my naked, alabaster-white ass by mother throughout my childhood in Georgia in the 1960s (ditto for my sister, naturally) and it was also the "botty smacker" that I used to raise my own lil' daughters in the early 1990s when they gotten naughty.

This type of traditional, domestic, whippy-thin, rattan cane has served me well Veronica. Especially designed for naughty, bare, sensitive-skinned botties, already ! As I used to tell my own daughters decades ago when their panties had to come down for lies, potty-mouthed tantrums and all ! Oh my, what a sting already. Strict mothers know best Veronica, A lifetime adage already !

I sure hope this last lil' punky-brat gotten her bare white ass whooped aplenty by her mother, growing up in days of yore. I'm gonna fetch my switch for her right now !
Strict 1980s/90s Mom Brenda xx