Wednesday, June 15, 2016

More "GREAT" art!

Sassy behavior is not tolerated...


Anonymous said...

Mommy and me 1971 !!
Oucheeeees Veronica !
Fabulous art :-) Boo-Hoo xx
Hugs and hands on head, Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Njspank said...

That is adorable. Love it always

Anonymous said...

Lil daughter is spanked by her mummie ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Spare the rod spoil the sassy daughter !

This is me dealing with a sassy lil' daughter back in the day, Veronica -the arms gotten uncrossed darn soon when the hornets nest landed. Oh my !

Veronica, my hubby and I gotten blessed with two wonderful daughters in the 1980s. With me being strictly raised in Georgia in the 1906s (by my religious mother), I was the natural disciplinarian when they were young (not my hubby)
So when my daughters gotten naughty they reported to me Veronica. I was the botty smacker !! That was my duty. And I did not spare the rod ! I did not do time outs Veronica !

The wooden hairbrush and a lil' rattan cane lived in the cupboard. I always pulled down their underwear before tanning their bare bottoms. That was my punishment rule ! Harsh but fair on bare skin. And exactly as I gotten the switchy-stick (bare botty) from my own mother twenty years earlier.

My hubby thought I was very strict with my girls but that was my strong, loving maternal parental and beliefs on CP. And my daughters (now happy working professionals) still always thank me for my strict ways and punishments ! Happy families Veronica ! And we openly talk about those spankings. My mother being in her late 80s and my sister in her late fifties (like me)
Thank you for your wonderful blog Veronica...spanking past, present and future !
Strict Mom Brenda xx