Thursday, June 2, 2016

Veronica... "The Vintage Schoolgirl"

June means detention and report cards... :(


Anonymous said... tender botties were harmed in the making of this naughty lil' girl, Veronica, in the State of Texas :-)
Things all turned out swell in the end...

Fabulous young lady !
Oh my, I so love second photo Veronica. So swell - a strict father daughter scenario. Papa Tony administers strict, Southern, ol' fashioned domestic justice to naughty lil' Veronica, in the privacy of a traditional, loving home :-)
You gotten good n proper Smackabotties Veronica - exactly as I was raised ! And the world was all black and white back photos back then ! tee-hee.
Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Favorite outfit and the pictures and style.

Mike Pahula said...

so what was your dentention for young lady the reason you got spanked or spanking for bet was fun in denention even more from spankin

how was report card did you pass clases or fail them which why you got the spanking over husband knee iam sure u got spanked for fail grade right