Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Wonder Woman gets SPANKED!!!"

Courtesy of Deviant Art.


Mike Pahula said...

Wonder Woman must been naughty bad girl if she got spanked and spanking otk style maybe reminded her when was little girl being spanked

maybe her mother or sister or one of the bad person she trying catch one brief momemnt found self over lap being spanked

jimc said...

wow what a great find. I love the otk and the coloring and expressions. Thanks for sharing such a great find. Have a great day.

Njspank said...


Anonymous said...

Quite frankly Veronica, Wonder Woman is just a naughty lil' girl blubbing over mommy's knee, with her botty bare and stinging.
I love pictures two and three, oh my how wonderful! Ol' fashioned domestic discipline Veronica :-)
And yes, strict, loving mommies pull down panties for spankings on bare behinds, and then pull panties back up again before sending a naughty, lil' brat to her room to reflect on her behaviour. Formality supports admonishment Veronica!
Strict Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Superspanks for a naughty girl ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, gorgeous Ol' fashioned mommy after my own heart !
She sure knows how to give kind but firm care and guidance to her wonderful but wayward daughter. Who needs time-outs ?

No sensitive-skinned bottoms gotten harmed in the raising of this daughter, Veronica - as all these pictures illustrate. Especially the first and last. A happy Super-hero who gotten raised with big love and big spankings. I gotten raised exactly that way in the 1960s. And my own two daughters gotten raised that way by me in the 1990s too !

She is Super Woman because her mom was a strict, loving Super-Mom.
From the get-go in the early years, Lies and tantrums gotten awarded with a panties-down, over-the-knee, good, hard bare bottom spanking from mom. And then she gotten sent to her room. Job done Veronica. Super-hero or no super-hero already !

Fairness is crucial but in my 1960s childhood I vividly remember standing in the living room bickering in the living room with my sister...

...two sets of cutey- blue, cotton, canvas shorts carefully unfastened and pulled down to our knees, followed by two lil' pairs of 1950s cotton, white, underpanties (those Ol' fashioned, large slips, full-bottomed style) pulled down to our knees, revealing two chubby-tender, completely bare, alabaster-white botties quivering with fear, and mother flicking her cane around, through the air, demanding the truth. No lies !
"Christian style, Southern style" punishments aka whipped-red botties followed and we gotten sent to our rooms.

Mom would always pull-up our white panties (back-up over scarlet skin) and pull up and refasten our shorts before sending us away. We did not do corner time. But having your underwear and shorts pulled back up over your stinging, blazing red botty (while crying profusely) was as humbling as having them pulled down in the beginning for the cane. Quite right too. Mommy is the boss and needs to take control. That is a spanking, Veronica !

Corporal punishment on our bare backsides was as normal part of family life as going to the store. Although thank the Lord, not quite so frequent !!
Strict 1980s Mom Brenda xx