Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Would He Spank Me?"

"You wouldn't spank lil' ol' me?"
"I guessed wrong... again!!!"

"Please... NOT MY BARE BOTTOM!!!"

"A well spanked girl is a happy girl." :)


Anonymous said...

Veronica, your third caption "please..not!" and moving image is soooo cute and so strict too. I love that Ol' fashioned combination. A pair of panties come down, and hairbrush to bare botty !
There should be no reprieve for naughty lil' madams Veronica - strict papas do not relent !
And oh my, yes Veronica - a spanked girl is a happy girl :-)
In true Ol' fashioned style, my mommy used to say that a bare bottom spanking for lil' sister and me was "kind" ! How bizarre eh Veronica? But deliciously cute, Southern and stern all the same :-)
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

Bet your only happy flash your pretty smile when your gettng good spanking every day

i am pretty sure yes HE WILL SPANK you good when you been naughty girl and need some over the knee/ lap time to roast your butt with good spankin

Njspank said...

Oh sure he would and so would I. Love the dress and shoes as well as the sexy panty we get a quick look at. Lovely

Anonymous said...

Now Veronica you know naughty devils always love keeping their sweetheart a happy girl with a nice luscious blushing bottom! And just how could any naughty devil resist when being flirted to by a pin up doll looking so gorgeous and teasing with that innocent little devilish smile, flirty eyes and ignited by parading by with those silky sensuous long legs, sexy heels and short dress just begging to be slid up to find out what cute panties you're hiding this time? You're such a tease, and you know naughty devils are absolutely powerless to resist wanting to spank, love and please you with loving over the knee spankings and other wicked desire affections every day! And of course those panties are coming down but it is so much fun to see just how cute your fanny is with them up first! Taking such a gorgeous doll over my knee to pull up her skirt and see what cute, soft and frilly little panties she just happens to have on underneath is like seeing a gorgeous flower bloom and of course when those little panties happen to start getting wet, we both know that you have been a very naughty girl and really need to have those panties pulled down for such naughtiness to make sure your spanking is giving you the nice even blushing bottom you crave so much! Then it's time for the caressing after care and other fun and games! Your wicked, powerless switching fan, ND =;)