Monday, June 6, 2016

Yet another... "rub my ass" moment :(

                   The school year has come to a close.


Tim . said...

Hello from Tim nice to see you again ive upgraded so i can get here ,how are you lovey ,best spanks , Tim .

Tim . said...

Hello from Tim , good to see you here lovey Ive upgraded so can get here again ,best spanks ,Tim .

Anonymous said...

Veronica - bees on the botty is harsh but harmless. An unbearable stinging bottom gets the message across. And oh my, it will stop you getting into trouble when you are older my girl !

After my mommy had given me a good whuppin' with the switch (decades ago !) she pulled my cotton panties back up over my red botty, and smartened my skirt and attire. Such formality marked the end of the spanking Veronica. No corner time and I was sent to my room crying and blubbering like a baby. Mom returned the rattan switch to the cupboard.
But I see you're already in your room young lady ha-ha. So maybe hands on head for corner time Veronica !? xx :-)
Brenda xx

Njspank said...

May I help? Or at least watch?