Thursday, July 7, 2016

"Couch Time"

Veronica felt that she needed a little couch time (therapy) for her marriage so her hubby told her to sit on the couch and he'll summon a therapist for her to speak with. Some time later her hubby entered the room carrying a round paddle. He then proceeded to introduce Veronica to her therapist giving her the much needed couch time she wanted. And yes, it worked!:)

Need some couch time?

Having the marital blues?

Time for a long therapy session on the couch.

She'll never learn!!!

Let's get right to the seat of the problem!

The therapist is busy, come back later.

Veronica received some much needed therapy, right where it does the most good.


Njspank said...

Love the shorts and your bottom sneaking out and then lovely panties, thank you, your beautiful bare bottom so nice and red. Thanks

Mike Pahula said...

Love your white shorts look good in them your butt look good i could use some spanking theapry myself iam sure edoes you load of good cant wait for next session lol

Anonymous said...

Last photo is so lush Veronica. You look gorgeous. Boo-Hoo, a stinging bottom does no harm Veronica, only good. So put your hands on you head missy, so that a naughty lil' girl can have her panties pulled back up, her cutey cotton shorts pulled back up, and hugs from Papa - before being sent to her room.
Veronica, feisty tantrums and bratty behaviour in the park during your sports and princess playtime, means bare botties over daddy's knee when you get home. Do you understand?! Is that clear young lady ! :-)
Strict Momma Brenda xx