Sunday, August 7, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday

Someone is watching a spanking taking place!

Just too bad they can't watch it from this angle..:)


Robert Stephens said...

We're all watching, Veronica. We'd watch you get spanked from any angle we could. Just a peek is all we need. You are a delicious spankee....!

Anonymous said...

What a lush bottom Veronica! ;-) sooo lovely and scrumptious.
And it's so good to see ol' fashioned, strict discipline being applied when a naughty lil' girl like you deserves it Veronica. Mommy's trusty wooden spoon would give a nasty good smack on you tender, bare surface young lady ! Mind your manners already my girl !
Strict Momma Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Always the best day of the week.

Mike Pahula said...

yes i was watching your spanking and laughing at you being spanked i hope i dont get caught by you then my punishment be a hard spanking over your lap otk style i should be spanked for watching and laughing but ilove angel of your bare butt

Anonymous said...

This clip needs to be a much longer sequence, preferably with him taking you by the wrist and being pulled over his knee to start. Then once you're properly secured over his knee and being scolded, his fingers just happen to slide up the back of your legs feeling their smooth silkiness to catch the hem of your skirt to be ceremoniously raised revealing as if seeing a flower opening the view of your luscious fanny. And don't forget to wear cute panties to tease first next time! Cute teasing sexy panties are so irresistibly spankable to all naughty devils! Then after an initial spanking on those cute little panties, holding and rubbing those gorgeous luscious cheeks just barely covered by those teasing frilly wisps of scantily there little panties, since you have continued to be such an extremely naughty girl needing attention teasing and flirting all day, those naughty little lacy panties are also getting ceremoniously pulled down to mid-thigh this instant for a complete inspection of just how far along did the blush develop on your luscious fanny during your panty spanking, not nearly enough for the spanking you have truly earned yet again you naughty little darling!!! Then for the final scene, with the spanking ending with a nice glowing bottom, you are sat on his lap to cuddle and cry while giving your knowing little naughty smile of what's coming next after cuddling, you naughty girl!!! Ah, quite pleased with another day's wicked fantasies for another happily ever after spanking in naughty devil's spankingland. ND =;)