Sunday, August 14, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday :(


Anonymous said...

Does your poor sweet bottom ever get a day of rest from a spanking? Or is that only on Tuesday when you take us naughty devils over your silky knees for a spanking instead? That should be at least an equal number of days or we're not trying hard enough as naughty devils! Better yet, cute flirty little naughty darlings and their wicked incorrigible naughty devils should spank each other every day plus have all the benefits of forgiving caressing aftercare. And in these political times as if it's not a circus enough, a proposal for an equal spanking amendment is hereby set forth from the naughty devil switch party should add some amusement to the election. And if it doesn't pass, then we all get spankings nationally broadcasted for thinking of such a naughty idea!
As always, wickedly yours, ND =;)

Njspank said...

Love Sunday's. Pretty picture of you.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for daddy ! :-)
Veronica, you look so darn delicious and gorgeous but also sorry for yourself, as a naughty lil' girl who has misbehaved so badly already this weekend. Daddy is sooooo cross !

Daddy sent you to your room and you now wait with your tender, pale botty all bare and unprotected for a sound spanking to teach you a lesson young lady. Boo-Hoo. Please don't worry, that's how I was strictly raised Veronica !! and my hubby continues the domestic tradition :-) stingy, sore botties are harmless and just part of growing up Veronica !!

Your sorry cries and blubbing, and the loud, stinging, resounding smacks of the hairbrush on a bare, soft, naughty backside is reassuring (to neighbours) that ol' fashioned Southern discipline is still administered in strict, loving households.
Yes, the naughty lil' girl next door sure does get groundings...but only after a good, sound spanking on her bare bottom from papa ! No wishy washy lessons Veronica!
Strict Brenda xx