Tuesday, September 20, 2016

1950's mom


Anonymous said...

Oh my ! How truly swell and fabulous Veronica ! :-)
That is my mom ! And yours truly ! And my tan lines. And my trademark, sensitive, alabaster-white botty ! Not for long. Boo-Hoo :-( Oucheeeees...
I was strictly raised exactly 1950s style in Georgia, Veronica. And yes, we naughty lil' Southern girls had pretty pastel dresses, cutey shorts, sensible cotton white panties, prominent tan lines, fairy-soft, snow-white bottoms...and super-strict, no-nonsense mommies who wielded scary, stingy "attitude adjusters". It was actually the 1960s for me Veronica but - hey, a minor detail - nothing had changed ! Oh my, Naughty Steps were light years away !

Talking of 1950s moms, Veronica, check out two new videos on Momma Spankings. So cute, strict and ol' fashioned. Super strict mommies dealing with naughty daughters ! The nostalgia stings more than the hairbrush Veronica! :-)
Hugs and thanks
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Beautiful portrait

Anonymous said...

Yes Mummies were stricter then I have read no nonsense from little minx s ,. Yes Sarah Gregory has lovely girls spanked on the website young Brenda mentioned great site and her other one ,best spanks Tim x

MIke said...

Mommy spanks her pert little bottom like a pro. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Like mother Like daughter - I was both these girls Veronica (two decades apart)

When I was very lil' girl, early 1960s, my mother said that my lily-white bottom would be bare for bathtimes and spankings ! Wow scary already. I gotten never to forget that. CP was normal.

And yes, for sure, I was later also a strict mom myself, and I said the same stern line to my two lil' daughters in the 1980s - with tears and protests naturally already ! CP was normal. Oh my, that was loving Southern family values and discipline Veronica - naughty botties gotten uncovered and on show over mom's knee !!

For sure yours truly and my girls had tan lines and alabaster-white bums. We Southern belles all had our tan lines Veronica. And bare red bottoms were just part of growing up. I was both that lovely strict CP mother in the 1980s/90s' and that naughty daughter being punished back in the 1960s. A mirror image already !
Strict Mom Brenda xx