Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Birthday Spankings... Yayyy!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun Veronica :-)
And oh my, that soft, round botty (plumply swelling) to finish is such a fabby target. I do hope both the spanker and spankee took advantage of the situation !! :-)
...looks like a possible bedtime spanking Veroncia ? ha-ha
Brenda and Hubby xx

Mike Pahula said...

Birthday spanking is lot and lot of fun only wish i was able get birthday spanking want give me belated early july 6th bday spanking miss veronica pretty please u can add punshmentt one right after

i alway feel iam going ask birthday girl if she want her bday spanks or she can give me her birthday spanking be my gift to her

Njspank said...

Love them especially the first one with the white panty...yah!

Anonymous said...

Veronica the girls are playing spank together botties blush so do the girls ,best Tim .