Monday, September 19, 2016

Still rubbing my bottom!!!

I'll be sore for days... :(


Mike Pahula said...

want me help your sore bottom by rubibng lotion or oil on your cute booty butt i can help make pain go away as you tell about the spanking

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a lush bottom Veronica. You look gorgeous.
Veronica, young lady, you have been appropriately admonished, and you will now get a grounding after your spanking...not instead of a spanking, you understand ! And please do not mention naughty steps again :-) !

An unbearable stinging bottom is harmless and part of caring, loving, strict discipline at home. And stinging means on a bare botty, Boo-Hoo, with panties pulled down young lady ! Oh my, one of the very first things taught to me by my strict mom Veronica. Oucheees ! :-(
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Njspank said...

I will help!

Anonymous said...

Veronica I am not convinced from the photo that you did have a hard spanking ! I think you are just trying to get sympathy from your fans ! I wOuld want to examine your bottom to 'verify' the state of your bottom !I would not hesitate to slap a few more times if i found your delightful bottom was quite white ! K

Anonymous said...

Veronica another spanking young lady ,best spanks from Tim to you and Brenda if I may ? x