Tuesday, October 11, 2016

All girls slumber party... XoXoXo


Anonymous said...

Oh my, how delicious Veronica. Takes me back to my College days ! ;-)
Yes, I can agree with you already Veronica: that mommy's designer hairbrush is crafted for both ends ! Smack Smack !
I think the naughty lil' brat looks really scared. Boo-Hoo. Oh my, she is not looking forward to "heat to the seat" Veronica. Although her nipples do suggest otherwise !! :-)
....I think you would be the same Veronica ?! tee-hee x
Naughty Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

i would love get an otk spanking from all girls in slumber party when i crash the party either the girl hosting party take me over knee spank me with hairbrush

then all girls get turn while over her lap then each girls take me over lap for spanking often wonder if there was slumber party where spanking

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! As you can guess, I love it, haha.

Ms Ash

Anonymous said...

The cute girls have a Spanking party botties blush ,best spanks from Tim to Veronica and Brenda .

Njspank said...

Really nice one