Sunday, October 9, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday :(

How often do I think about getting a good spanking??? 


Anonymous said...

Now Veronica, we all know that you live to be taken over the knee and never stop thinking about getting a good spanking. And naughty devils love you very much for your absolute dedication to being a cute naughty girl deserving a good over-the-knee spanking with your panties pulled down every day! You deserve the Blushing Fanny of the Year award for daily spanking efforts, both for having cuties such as yourself getting your playfully naughty spankings and for keeping your switch naughty devils happy dreaming about our turn being spanked over a gorgeous cuties' silky knees too! ND =;)

Njspank said...

Love it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I wouild guess very often, as they seem to come along frequently !. We do like to see the consequences of your naughty behaviour, being administered on your bare bottom! TH

Mike Pahula said...

I think you think about good spanking every day and cant wait to get good otk spanking i do same as you good spanking on my mind every day i think about every day you giving me good spanking

Anonymous said...

Daily bread Veronica ! :-)

Oh my, you look such a sorry, worried, naughty lil' girl who is going to get her panties pulled down for a good, hard, bare bottom spanking over papa's knee. The fear factor and humbling during this brief waiting is an important part of the spanking process Veronica.
You will learn your lesson. A stinging bottom is harmless Veronica and such strict, loving discipline will help you avoid mischief when you are older young lady ! :-)
Strict Momma Brenda xx

PhilK said...

About three times a minute?