Tuesday, October 4, 2016

For all you "NAUGHTY" boys!


Unknown said...

Kelly payne is a spanker!

Mike Pahula said...

i guess ihave go over this female lap for my spanking as you watcht then next iam going over your lap for bare butt hard spanking right

Anonymous said...

Some confusion in our house Veronica...
I want to send hubby to get spanked by her. But hubby wants to send me to get spanked by her...and by you too !
Oh my, love the confusion :-)
Brenda and Hubby xx

Anonymous said...

Nicely co-ordinated blue colour scheme -and I have no doubt that she will make his bottom have a bluish tint well before she finishes spanking his super bottom ! I wonder what he has done to deserve it! I must admit I would like a trip over her knees after! TH

Anonymous said...

Well that's scary! Probably necessary! Certainly deserved! But scary!

Love your blog, and your photo sets! The best ones are all about you, I think. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have been a very, very naughty boy peeking up your skirt! Harder Mommy, harder!!! Oh how naughty devils love being spanked long and hard over sexy silky knees while trying to hold back creaming all over her gorgeous legs!! And it's so much fun to hold her ankles and feel those silky legs while getting a good over-the-knee bare bottom spanking! And of course love to cuddle and be forgiven by her after my naughty spanking too, then earn another spanking being overly affectionate and extra naughty in a continuous cycle of spankings and affection for a really fun naughty day! ND =;)

Njspank said...

Nice legs and lap but still prefer your lap

Anonymous said...

Veronica, my hubby laughs already. But with me having gotten a strict, conservative, religious upbringing in Georgia in 1960s, when we gotten married and blessed with two lovely daughters (1980s) it was only a matter of time before they ended up over my knee getting their bare white bottoms smacked with the rubber spatula, hairbrush as part of my loving but strict approach to family discipline and CP.

My hubby was the "good cop" Veronica. But Oh my, I sure was the "bad cop" Southern mom Veronica ! In our house, my naughty ten-year old princesses reported to me when they gotten naughty, and they gotten their bare backsides smacked with the cane !

With my girls now having long-left home (age 30s now !), it is now my hubby who gotten the discipline all to himself. The cane still lives in the cupboard ! And yes, he sure uses it on my bare ass when I gotten naughty. Just like my own mother did to me in the 1960s...which started this all thing off !

And fairly typical of a Southern girl of my age, in my late 50s. As a CP mom and supporter, I have always viewed proper, sound spankings as part of family life. Again, more of a Southern viewpoint already
Strict Mom and Wife Brenda xx