Wednesday, November 9, 2016

For all you "NAUGHTY" boys!!!


Mike Pahula said...

Miss Veronica you look very mad and very angry at all of us naughty boy and your lap waiting for us to bend over so we can get the spanking we earned and desver iam sure u would spank me good and hard long too

if i tell you how bad i am and try get out my spanking telling you another naughty boy will take my spanking for me i would just get hARDER spanking iam sure for trying get out of the one i had comming

Anonymous said...

How lovely, Strict Momma Veronica. Such luscious thighs already.
My hubby deserves your strict, caring guidance Veronica.
And oh my, I have been such a naughty lil' girl next door too. And I so need a strict mommy to smack my bare botty soundly for my misdeeds - partly for cute, Southern traditional values and nostalgia's sake. And partly because as a tantrumy-princess-brat, I really just do.
Shall I fetch your favourite hairbrush Veronica !?
Naughty Brenda and naughty hubby xx

Tim . said...

Us boys go otks of V. ,best spanks Tim x