Monday, November 21, 2016

Maid to be Spanked.. :)


Tim . said...

Naughty maids being spanked cute ,best spanks , Tim x

Anonymous said...

I would be very happy if I had a lovely maid, who I could spank for not doing her house work ,or not bringing me my early morning cup of tea ! TH.

Anonymous said...

Do you want a hairbrush with that young lady ?
Lovely bum.
Yes, smoking butts and all Veronica ! But hey ! That's not fair. My hubby and I seem to disagree Veronica :-) ha-ha.
Brenda and Hubby xx

Njspank said...

Nice red under the panty

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous fantasy maid! She needs to be forgiven, cuddled, caressed and loved after her naughty loving over-the-knee spanking as a reward and encouragement for being such a sweet tease! Another luscious sweetheart getting the naughty devil seal of aroused wicked approval!!! ND =;)