Thursday, November 17, 2016

Super Thursday presents: "Kiss Me Kate"

As we all know "Kiss Me Kate" is a comedic, theatrical production that takes a funny spin on Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew." It's a play within a play and even though "The Taming of the Shrew" does not contain a spanking "Kiss Me Kate" does have a spanking scene and it is almost always used in publicity stills and posters whenever it's being advertised. For all things KMK related in our lovely spanking community I refer you to three blogs...Vanilla Spanking ... chross ... and ... These guys have everything you'll ever want to know about theatrical spankings and KMK in particular.
                 Now as a little girl I remember walking to the candy store and seeing a poster for a local school production of "Kiss Me Kate" I remember getting butterflies in my tummy as I saw the image of a grown woman across a man's lap. I remember wanting to steal that poster and take it home with me but of course I wouldn't dare such a thing. Below I included some lovely poster images of Kates getting spanked for publicity shots.

One of the originals.

What I love about this one is that her skirt is raised offering very little protection. :)

I love, love love this one.. her kicking legs with arms outstretched and open mouth. I also adore how her dress is showing us some of her long gorgeous legs. :) 

Another modern version of Kate... simply adorable. :)

Now of course I had to include my take on Kate getting spanked!!!

Not sure how this one would hold up with feminist.. LOL!

As you know my production would be a very modern Kate getting spanked but the time honored position will remain the same. :)

Now a bare bottom Kate would be the best Kate of all, perhaps one day. XoXo


jimc said...

you do make an excellent Kate I enjoy your posters. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

Mike Pahula said...

lot of high school and college plays who do these plays alway add the spanking in them if search youtube u can find video of them do the spankings sometime even when rehearsaing the play the do it one video seem like the girl was enjoying going over the guy lap to be spanked few time look like she jump right over his lap couldnt wait to be spanked lol it was high school one. search youtube you will find the spanking in kiss me kate in fact this movie is reason i got into spankings

Anonymous said...

Veronica I feel you would be an instant success in the stage play ! You would recieve rave reviews in the media and your bottom wouild be awarded an Oscar specially created for this part of your anatomy ,as well as your self ,being a well trained actress thanks to your Spanker and giving a very impressive performance ! TH

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Veronica !
Oh my, you are the best Kate. So lush :-)
Cole Porter's poster made me chuckle - nice and strict with your pinky panties pulled down !
But then, oh yes, as you suggest, the final one is best - Southern strap to your bare botty Veronica, in traditonal style. You are our poster girl for ever :-)
Brenda and Hubby xx

Anonymous said...


I agree that the cartoon graphic of the lady with the dress lifted is hot. The next one, the photo exposing just a little bit of the woman's leg, is good too.

The first poster with your picture, with you giving just a little bit of a smile, is the best one, though. If I saw that poster, I would go to see that play. (It goes without saying that the pictures of you with the bared bottom are hot, too!) Your first poster is the one though! It says, "Here is a lady who wants to be here and who needs to get a spanking and knows it".

Nice Job!

Keep up the good work.


PhilK said...

I was a kid when the movie of KMK was released - and I was fascinated to see that all the publicity posters, etc, featured the spanking scene. I remember thinking to myself, "Hmm, if the image of a grown woman being spanked otk is what they reckon will encourage people to see the film - maybe I'm not such a lone weirdo as I feared..."