Sunday, December 25, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday :(

Merry Christmas to all... XoXo
This is the actual Christmas card Tony and I handed out this year, I wonder what all our vanilla friends and family will think? :)


Tim . said...

Veronica a very Merry Christmas to you lovey and Brenda and all who leave comments ,love your blog V .best spanks , Tim x nice card .

Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica, A happy, merry Christmas, to you and yours and all who read and comment on your super Blog ! Also a Happy New Year with as many spankings as you desire! TH

Anonymous said...

For those lucky enough to have received it, your beautiful amusing card should be placed prominently in a leading place of honor on everyone's mantles for all their visitors to envy and enjoy! Perhaps much like the Ghost of Christmas Present, it will stir some Christmas spice into your vanilla friends and family's lives, or stir memories of Christmases past and bring a smile, tear and tingle in the rear remembering their last loving spanking from a loved one past of many years ago. Vanilla friends just may surprise you how they yearn to give and receive the same playful loving over-the-knee spankings, they have just been too afraid to admit it to anyone or themselves or have a playful naughty devil (or devilette) bold enough to suggest it in their every day lives. Wishing for your Ghost of Christmas Future to lead and point to your many more loving over-the-knee spankings in the years to come! And for next year, think of the fun revising A Christmas Carol with Scrooge getting and receiving Bah Humbug over-the-knee spankings from the three ghosts and his long lost love, Belle.(Naturally we'll have to use some gorgeous darlings and divas for the past, present and future ghosts!) ND=;)

Anonymous said...

Be your wonderful self Veronica...

Your Vanilla friends are lucky to receive this stylish card Veronica :-)
And lucky to have you and Tony as lovely friends.
This card again shows your fabulous artistry and creativity Veronica, portrayed every day by your amazing blog.
I do hope your scrumptious, bare, round botty gotten a proper turkey roastin' !
Brenda and Hubby xx