Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies. :)


Anonymous said...

Tantrums build as the Festive Season wears on...mommy-approved actions are here already...

Veronica, the fairy-soft, sensitive skin found upon the botties of naughty lil' princess-brats is where strict, loving, maternal correction and admonishment is traditionally administered.

It is a special place provided by God and Nature for that very purpose (quote my mother in 1960s. Oh my !)
These lovely mommies do seem to agree already Veronica !
I especially love the animation - flowing tears and a trademark, stinging red, water melon backside is a result already. So cute, yet very stern and strictly traditional.

Veronica and Tony - have fun tonight. And remember Veronica, bratty, high maintenance behaviour and party tantrums will result in serious smackabotties for 2017 ! Good, hard, Ol' fashioned, over the knee, panties down, bare bottomed spankings :-)
Do I make myself clear young lady ?!

Happy New Year to you both and to all readers
Brenda and Hubby xx

Tim . said...

The girls mummies are spanking their daughters botties for naughtiness ,a Happy New Year from Tim to you and Brenda and others here x

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Tim ! :-)
Brenda xx