Thursday, December 15, 2016

Super Thursday presents: "Not Always Bare Bottom"

It's a very rare occasion that hubby doesn't bare my bottom during a spanking, very rare! This next photo-set is one of those spankings...


Njspank said...

Bravo my love just beautiful. Spankings over shorts like those are amazingly erotic. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You look bored, Veronica. Maybe some thin boy shorts would be a better choice if you decide to do this again.

Anonymous said...

Very sexy Veronica. My hubby agrees.

Oh my, those cutey shorts :-) And strict daddy Tony could have taken hold of both the waistbands of your shorts and cotton panties Veronica (with you standing as a naughty daughter with your hands on your head) and with one big tug, could have bared your soft botty in an instant Veronica ! Taking your shorts and panties down to your knees in one swift motion. Strict home discipline !

That's what you would get in my house young lady !! And that is what happened to me as a lil' girl in the 1960s. Oh my, so scary Veronica (mommy means business) with rapid, spontaneous, Ol' fashioned bottom baring for my mommy's rattan switch !! :-(
You got off lightly Veronica !
Brenda xx

Dai Preston said...

Back over daddy's knee again, Veronica. Warming your naughty bottom seems to be a full time job. Personally, I begin a series of sharp upward smacks targeting only the tender seat of your lower buttocks. As I pick up the intensity, your body lurches forward and back with each stinging spank. When I hear you sniffling, I would know that your tears are starting to flow. Ten more good ones should be enough after that. Now I would stop, allowing you to sob quietly, still lying over my knee. You bottom is red now, and very warm to the touch. Then I would lead you to the near corner of the bedroom where you will stand quietly for 30 minutes to contemplate your punishment. You’re sobbing freely now. I leave you alone with your thoughts for now.