Thursday, December 8, 2016

Super Thursday presents:"Mom Spanks"


Anonymous said...

This is normal routine Veronica.
Oh my ! Truly fabulous art - strict, loving mommy knows best :-)
Love mom's trusty technique on picture three - restraining lil' princess brat's arm with her left hand and puling down panties with her right hand. The work of a moment. It's the only way. And mommy is so well-practised as an expert, no-nonsense, Ol' fashioned botty smacker Veronica !
Thanks, hugs and spanks
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love it! (Obviously, lol ;) )

Ms. Ash

Tim . said...

Yes Big Spanks are administered ,hello Brenda and Veronica x

Njspank said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I can sure relate to the first three pictures Veronica. They have an 80s feel, and I am talking about my time as a mother raising two young daughters in the 1980s/90s (not as a lil' girl growing up in Georgia with Christian values back in the 1960s)

In our house, hubby and me had "good cop, bad cop" approach for our girls Veronica ! I was the bad cop. Oh my ! I was a staunch supporter of CP (not PC !) So I bought the lil' cane and I did not spare the rod. My hubby was "the good cop" and was not a disciplinarian already. When my daughters gotten naughty Veronica they reported to me. I smacked their bottoms. My hubby did not ! And I smacked them hard, with the rattan switch, their panties pulled down, on their bare behinds. That was the punishment. Tough Love works Veronica.I gotten the same whuppin's from my mother, as you know.

So yes, I sure relate to the first three pictures: scolding, tears, protests, panties pulled down...and botties gotten bared for a whipping !! Harsh but fair. No messing !

Yes Veronica, I was hard-working mom (in a large company) and I sure gotten frustrated when my hubby could not punish my daughters- to simply fetch the switch, to take a lil' naughty daughter aside, to scold her, to pull down a pair of panties (or pajamas) and give a naughty, tender, alabaster-white backside the sound parental tanning it deserved !!

Oh my, it would have made family life easier Veronica. But oh no, it was yours truly that always had to do that parental task ! And I sure did it good, for the sake of kind, loving discipline and ol' fashioned family values and stability. My hubby sure is a great father but my daughters (all grown up now of course) respected my CP. And thank me for it.
Hugs and thanks Veronica
Strict Mom Brenda xx