Monday, December 5, 2016

Thinking of ways to be naughty...

... any suggestions? :)


Anonymous said...

Well Veronica, why don't you check out the new trailers for Strictmoor Academy Year 1 from already ?
Oh my ! that would be very naughty.

Three fabulous previews Veronica. Lots of mommy/ daughter bare bottom spankings and super-strict narrative in Scene 2. And oh my, Scene 3 has a truly fabulous lil' showing of a naughty daughter standing with her hands on her head while her furious mom pulls down her panties in formal fashion (two camera angles).

Oh my, that's exactly how my mother did it to me and my sister back in Georgia in the 1960s (hands on my head for baring) and of course, we gotten the flexible, rattan switch !!! :-(

It's a fantastic trailer and film Veronica. And naughty daughter even has some feint tan lines :-) My tan lines were so stark in those strict Ol' fashioned times, you could see my cotton-white botty dazzling from 100 metres !

And then I am going to spank you exactly like these fabulous mommaspanking films Veronica, like Dana Specht - stern, bare bottom 1950s style, just as I was raised by my mother ! Oh my, how lovely Veronia !
My Hubby is jealous alteady ha-ha xx

Nostalgic Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

I do not really think you need ideas on how to be naughty! In fact, if I needed ideas - I would seek your help!

But, now, just because you were thinking about being naughty - you probably earned a spanking.

But if you really want an idea: Leave the house for a while and do not tell him where you went. That is especially effective if he was depending on you to do something with him. That should do it!

Love your blog!


Anonymous said...

Looks more like you're ready to take a naughty devil over your gorgeous silky knees for a good bare bottom spanking first before having the favor returned, yes please mommy!!! ND =;)

Mike Pahula said...

go outside and Moon or FLASH your neighbor i think that be very naughty maybe Tony can wil spank you hard give you long spanking in front of neighbors as they get watch you be spanked punish big time then you have go appogly to the neighbor for being bad girl snd show them your red well spanked booty

go to store or on walk with no panties on with skirt that move show you wearing no panties or maybe go outside play with yourself too iam sure that earn you good hard spankin as well from Tony

Anonymous said...

just keep looking the way you look.... thats enough for me.

Leslie James said...

Being very bi I would like to see Veronica spanked by another girl.

Tim . said...

Yes Sarah s spanky sites are great aren t they Brenda ,best spanks Tim to you and V .