Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I love this pose... XoXo!


Anonymous said...

WOw! What a superb photo ! At least it does give Veronicas' BTM a welcome respite and a chance to ccol down! TH

Anonymous said...

Strict, loving, paternal care and guidance Veronica (Oh my, that's how I was raised !)
Strict daddies know best - a quiet word with his naughty daughter.It was rather loud already !
How fabulous is this magazine cover eh ?!
Brenda xx

Unknown said...

I bought this mag when it first came out!...I grew up in the Netherlands....the country where this was published...I remember sneaking it up to my bedroom and stared at that cover for days.....I knew then that I loved spankings!....too funny to see this again!

PhilK said...

Always loved this Dutch (or maybe Flemish?) magazine cover. 'Father and daughter: something special' - yes indeed! Would they dare publish a cover like that these days, I wonder?