Monday, February 20, 2017

"I need some cream".... Xo!


Anonymous said...

Yes young lady, I will grant you some soothing botty cream. An unbearable stinging bottom is harmless and just part of growing up Veronica. It is essential for your care and guidance and for strict, loving domestic routine :-)

Your jeans and panties were pulled down for a proper spanking with the hairbrush. And now you must put your hands on your head while mommy pulls your panties and jeans back up over your stingy red botty. And so smartening your appearance young lady. Wiping away your tears. And giving you a hug. You will now be sent to your room for an early bedtime (mommy will be drawing the curtains)...with your cream. In this house Veronica, proper, good Ol' fashioned, bare bottom spankings mean salutary humbling for you my girl. But never humiliation. hubby is asking if he can apply the cream for you Veronica ? ;-)
I think he deserves a whuppin' already !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

Ice Cream or some cream rub on your well spanked sore red butt i be honor to feed you ice cream then rub cream all over your butt are you will lay over my lap as i rub cream on your butt or do you have some other postion you rather be in

Anonymous said...

Darling Veronica, careful what you ask for, give naughty devils a moment and you'll have plenty of naughty devil's own special cream all over your cute spanked bottom! Question is will you be the one soothed or your evil, wicked, shameless naughty devil?! Xoxo to you too dear! ND =;)

Tim . said...

We are all waiting in line to put botty lotion on for you ,best spanks Tim x