Thursday, February 9, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Wait For Me Upstairs"

"GET UPSTAIRS... PUT ON YOUR PAJAMAS AND WAIT FOR ME" Tony shouted at his wife! Veronica held her head low and marched straight into the bedroom. She slipped on her sleepwear and grabbed the hairbrush. Now she had to present her bottom for Tony by laying across the bed with her bottom exposed. "I should've behaved" she thought to herself. Now it was too late and before she knew it she was over Tony's lap receiving her just desserts.

"I really am a good girl"...:(


Anonymous said...

Oh my, soooo love first photo. What a lovely, naughty, lil' princess you are Veronica ?!
Waiting for daddy...
Love the fearful contemplation, a glimpse of your fairest, bare soft botty; and cutey, snuggy, soft, ankle socks - so very naughty lil' bratty monster Veronica !

Sentence has been passed, and strict, no-nonsense mommy is so cross. She is stomping up the stairs with her dreaded rattan switchy-stick already ! Oh my, takes me back to my princess whuppin's of yore Veronica. Switch-swish-thwack. Switch-swish-thwack. Oucheees ! Boo-Hoo :-(

You will be doing the traditional, Southern switchy-dance that I know so well Veronica. Waaaah. Boo-Hoo. Never mind, forget nostalgia, hubbies will sooth our naughty, red bums in real-time :-)
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Love this thread, Veronica, as over this weekend, it reminds me I will be replaying this thread, although I make my gf sit on the floor, pants off, awaiting Sir.

Njspank said...

Well earned spanking