Monday, April 24, 2017

More "GREAT" art!!!

This time I want to give a big shout out to SpankingToons for drawing this image of yours truly getting a good spanking. As you can see the likeness is very good.
Please check his blog with more excellent works of his own original art at:


Anonymous said...

What a lovely, kind, strict, Ol' fashioned mommy Veronica ! Soooo good to see this.
I love your expression Veronica. Does your poor botty sting princess ? Boo-Hoo :-(

Love mommy's expression too Veronica. She is purposeful and content. Resigned to doing her job as a strict, caring mom: baring your botty for a good, hard spanking when you are naughty Veronica.
Wonderful stuff from spanking toons, as always. Thank you and them too already Veronica.

Talking of strict mommies Veronica, check out latest
Dana Specht is on fine form in The Paddled Princess giving the mommy-approved skin treatment to a naughty daughter's bare botty. Poor old Sarah Gregory. Lovely panties down moment (lush bum !!) and hear the paddle do its duty on sensitive, fairest, bare skin Veronica...that is the only way to do it !

Mommy-approved hairbrushes also meet naughty daughters' unprotected, bare, soft backsides on two other previous trailers too Veronica - Breaking the Rules and Mommy Spanks Linny :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Now this is the best art ever ;)

LOVE this picture, he's so talented...and we FINALLY get to see you crying over Mommy's knee :D

(The Mommy doesn't quite look enough like me though, lol...but it'll do! Hopefully we get to see the real thing soon ;) )

Ms. Ash

jimc said...

Love the comic. It does look like you. I do wonder if you ever did get a spanking from a older woman like pictured.(Or did you model it yourself) It is a great picture as far as coloring and expressions. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

Blilen said...

Congratulations on being immortalized! When I first saw it on the Artists Site, I also wondered if you ever considered having your Hubby pass the hairbrush to a deserving maternal figure.

Anonymous said...

I love the cartoon! You look so cute over Mama's knee. I bet it really turned your husband on! Very nice, indeed.

Tim . said...

Very good art lovey with you otks ,best spanks Tim x

PhilK said...

SpankingToons does such great work. Ah, if only he'd create the occasional M/F pic....