Thursday, April 6, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Teasing Tony's Friend"

                           Here is an other older photo-set taken about 12 years ago. I remember that Tony's old Navy friend was in town and wanted to stop by for a visit. Tony told me that his friend was a spanko and he knew this because when they roomed together on the ship he once found several spanking magazines lying on his bunk. He also told me that his friend had a few spanking VHS tapes too. Of course Tony never told him that he too enjoyed spanking the female bottom so his friend had no clue that he was visiting two fellow spankos! Now it was Tony's idea to give his dear friend a show by actually spanking me in his presence. The day finally arrived and I decided to wear a short black skirt with a pair of leopard panties underneath, we both agreed that this would not be a bare bottom spanking since we wanted it to seem like the spanking was just playful and casual.
                           After dinner and towards the end of the evening I sat across from his friend making idle conversation when Tony sat down next to me. I became very touchy feely with Tony and started rubbing his cock which was Tony's cue to turn me over his lap and spank me for being so straight forward in front of our guest. Remember, this was all for fun and the spanking was mild. I did some giggling and blushed but it was enough to get his friend quite interested in what was taking place. After the spanking we all laughed it off and his friend departed, I was spanked again hard bare bottom and we made wonderful love. :)


Anonymous said...

Boots and booty. And panties too ;-)
Oh my, sooo love those leopard panties covering your soft, sexy, scrumptious botty Veronica. So lush ! You're driving my hubby crazy already. And I do love the booties too Veronica !
Wonderful account. Great to hear.
You're gorgeous girl !
Brenda and Hubby xx

Anonymous said...

Love the panties! Makes a nice contrast to the black skirt. Thanks for sharing!

Dai Preston said...

Love these pictures. Tony is one lucky spanko to have found such an adorable catch.