Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Veronica's Potpourri

Old-fashioned is still....

... in-fashion at our house.


Anonymous said...

A world of black and white and technicolour Veronica - your bottom is always red already !
Things gotten worse, daddy is preparing for a good, hard, traditional spanking.

Post-incident, pre-punishment...Veronica's girly friends, a bunch of cute but high-maintenance, lil-princess-brats, are being sent home to their mommies. How dare they all party like naughty lil' madams when papa Tony is away ? The scandalous affray is now over and their behaviour and consequences are clear. But despite Texas traditions, smacked bottoms are given in private in this house.

Veronica's naughty sister Brenda is now fecthing the wooden Mason Pearson hairbrush: a trusty, quality, bottom-smacker of vintage times. And sadly, Brenda will soon be suffering the same fate as Veronica - two white, chubby botties soon to be on show for Papa's trusty, salutary (and Oh my !) rather stinging lesson. For sure folks - a swarm of angry bees raging against tender, bare backsides will bring loud blubbers and repentant cries. It works !

When all the girly guests have departed (modesty prevails), Veronica's skirt will be raised and her Ol' fashioned, traditional, snuggy, white cotton panties pulled down to her knees. Tony's patented, OTK, hard, daddy-approved spankings are always administered on sensitive, bare bottoms. As naughty sisters, Veronica and Brenda are all too well aware from past misdemeanours already ! Oh my. Boo-Hoo. Time is nigh...
Naughty Lil' Sister Brenda xx

Tim . said...

Ouchy botties girls , best spanks Veronica and Brenda from Tim .

Anonymous said...

Now you know very well that teasing and prancing in front of old fashioned spankie daddy in a little pleated mini skirt with cute little bobby socks and high heels arouses your dear old naughty devil daddy to no end to need to give his naughty baby doll a good old fashioned loving over-the-knee spanking so you're getting marched to the spanking chair and getting bent over my knee right now you naughty little darling!!! And that cute little flirty pleated mini skirt will be pulled up this instant for a pretty frilly panty spanking first to be followed by getting those frilly panties pulled down to the knees for a good blushing bare bottom spanking that little darling Miss Veronica needs just so much for teasing being a cute little naughty teasing girly girl!!! But naughty spankings for teasing and flirting are always followed by forgiving cuddling and caresses to feel loved and cared for while crying sitting on naughty devil's lap after your loving spanking so my little darling will want to tease and be naughty flirting for more spankings again and again!!! Thank you you naughty teasing flirty darling, old fashioned spankie naughty devil daddy feels much better now too!!!

Wickedly Yours,
ND =;)