Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday's Spankable

May is finally here and that means one thing... prom. Yes they're some young ladies who feel they can get away with murder on prom night. What they fail to realize is that strict daddies everywhere will be up waiting when they come home. :) 

"You think daddy will spank me when he sees this?"

"Daddy... you can't spank me right before prom!"

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Snapshot went to daddy's phone by accident.:(

This young lady didn't even leave the house yet when daddy caught her flashing her prom date!

Smile... daddy will be waiting up for you. :)


Anonymous said...

White botties gonna get stingy all round Veronica - naughty antics and debts will be paid back at home ...and before curfew too !

Do not be deceived Veronica, these two lovely lil' Southern princesses in killer-kitten heels, photo 3, have been very strictly raised by their daddy. Traditional, Ol' fashioned, strict family values (and the Southern strap to bare botties) still prevail at home Veronica ! I remember those sort of "values" for me and my sister ! :-(

Photo 2...And oh my, what a lovely sensitive looking, fairest-skinned, fairy-soft botty exposed al fresco already Veronica...gonna feel a stinging, bare-ass whuppin' from mommy's lil' switchy-stick for sure Veronica ! My trademark "attitude adjuster" !

And yes, our lovely cutey-prom-princess-blond number 5 has got the blues already...and is gonna get the smarts and reds from daddy's bendy, hard, rubber-soled flip flop !
My hubby is smiling too.
Hugs and spanks. Thank you.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

jimc said...

i love the spankables and even clothed they do look like they have great bottoms. Thanks for sharing and have a great day. Truly a great line of spankables.

JD in Houston said...

Caption for the two girls picture:

"Damn, would you check out that guy who just gave his little boy a swat on the butt...'You can spank me ANYTIME, Daddy!'"

Anonymous said...

Ah another fine Friday of darling little angels needing to taken over the knee! And like Santa Claus, naughty devil daddy knows exactly when his little darlings have been bad or good and knows perfectly well when the little darling angels have been naughty flirting flashing their delectable derrieres with NO panties on underneath again either, prom night or otherwise!!!! After all, dear old naughty devil daddy raised his little darling angels to be the naughtiest little flirty spankie darlings that need and crave constant over-the-knee spankings and forgiving loving, naughty devil daddy is just so proud! What more could a naughty devil daddy want to be happy than to have his little darlings turn out to be such naughty little angels that will always need good loving bare bottom over-the-knee spankings, just warms his heart and spanking hand! Time for naughty little darling angels to come home to naughty devil daddy, hand all ready and sitting waiting in his favorite spanking chair, over-the-knee blushing bare bottom spankings on those already pantyless derrieres, crying and forgiving cuddling and caresses await those sweet little flirty naughty darling angels.

As always, gleefully and wickedly smiling dreaming of over-the-knee spankings,
ND =;)