Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday's Spankable

"Ooops... sorry daddy":(

Perhaps daddy won't find me hiding in this tree.

Daddy has a cure for my bad attitude!

"Daddy... this is so embarrassing!!!"

Just scratched hubby's car... hope he doesn't find out!

Smile and have a great weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Pleated mini skirts swirling up in the breeze are the absolute favorite tease for this naughty devil, such cheeky lacy surprises await requiring kisses and a good over-the-knee spanking with a lot of loving after care too!!! For absolutely incorrigible behavior from naughty devils, all cute luscious gorgeous fanny women should tease by wearing pleated mini skirts constantly!!! With the top wicked five devil horn seal of approval, ND =;) =;) =;) =;) =;)

Anonymous said...

Bathbrush to bare botty ?!
Bath tub blues...and reds !
Bathrooms are dangerous places for naughty lil' sensitive-bottomed brats Veronica (photo 4) so I'll let my hubby handle this naughty lil' missy. Suffice to say that the sound of bottysmackers being applied to the sensitive bare skin of naughty brats' tender, fair behinds is a familiar one in strict, traditional households, with Ol' fashioned values - the "rod of correction" is duly administered Veronica.

My sister and I were very aware that bath times gotten to be "clear and present danger" when we were growing up in Georgia in the 1960s. Oh my ! The combo of our stern, religious and controlling mother getting us quickly bathed and off to bed; and our soft, chubby, lil' alabaster white botties as a tempting target for a tired, hard-working mom ! Super-sensitive....totally bare...and wet ! Made for a precarious time Veronica.

Mom kept a hairbrush and a bath brush at the ready ! We daughters were very careful not to be misbehaving already. Oh my ! We generally gotten to well-behaved at bath times Veronica, because we were scared. But I remember on occasions we had to present our bare, naughty, wet botties for some punishing mommy-approved smacks with a wooden brush which stung like hell and made us cry. But we gotten to avoid a proper full-on spanking from mom at bath times. We daughters were diligent !

Sadly, I did not avoid many a proper smacked bottom at other times Veronica, notably in the long, hot Summers, when mom's temper would fray. I was very feisty and used to throw potty-mouthed tantrums in the store and the mall, in the park and in the garden (in front of neighbours). My lil' sister was less feisty, but unfortunately she had a big problem with lying to mom...Oh my !

Mother's standard harsh punishment approach according to her Christian views and strict, Ol' fashioned, homer-maker values was that "you girls need your backsides switching". So her punishment for sister and me meant we gotten the flexible, thin, rattan cane (the switch and "the rod") applied to the bare skin on or bottoms in the living room, bending over the couch. Then we gotten sent to our rooms. Oh my, it was very harsh but it sure did us good over the years. Those good Ol' 1960s eh Veronica :-(

I think naughty lil' girl (photo 3) is gonna suffer the same fate as I did Veronica. And why not ?!!
Love skirt in breeze, number one Veronica. Takes me back well over three decades to my early twenties - life in the big City. Having escaped my Southern upbringing (strict mom and dad !) Single, College and then working girl. Oh my ! :-)
Strict Nostalgic Mommy Brenda xx