Tuesday, May 16, 2017

More "GREAT" art!


Tim . said...

Big spanks from big sis for her lil sis for naughtiness ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Lovely art Veronica - a no-nonsense mommy...who gotten involved in nonsense already ?!
Love lil' princess brat's expression. Bee stings on exposed botties ? Sure works Veronica. Oh my ! :-(

Talking of this: do check out two new videos on mommaspankings.com Veronica. Awesome !

First, "Sarah's real discipline from mommy". Oh my !! Takes me back to 1960s Georgia and my mom scolding me and whuppin' me ! Strict, loving Miss Elizabeth is a kind, caring, home-maker mommy, giving daughter Sarah Gregory sound guidance and discipline...bath brush to tender, bare botty-bots Veronica. Oh my ! Wonderful.

Second, "Stevie spanked by mom and dad". Hear the resounding smacks of Miss Anna's hairbrush on Stevie's fairest-white, naughty, bare hiney Veronica. Daughter has made her mommy and daddy so cross. And so kind, traditional, domestic discipline is administered in time-honoured fashion.

All so realistic and brings back memories for me, growing up ! These videos are super-cute. Super-realistic. Super-strict. And super-Ol' fashioned Veronica.
Strict Mommy Brenda xx