Wednesday, May 17, 2017

"Please... don't spank me."

Notice the smirk on my face... LOL!


The Glenmore said...

I was too busy looking at your spank able bottom to notice that Veronica.
Nice pic...thanks

Tex said...

Not so much a smirk as an invitation... or a dare, right?

Anonymous said...

Gonna get a switching !

Veronica - wow what a lovely, lush, peachy, piece of soft ass girlfriend....
But, how many times already have I told you that you are gonna feel my rattan switch if you do not behave like a good lil' girl ?! Mommy is sooo cross. You sure deserve some tickle-tail young lady !

I regularly find myself in your position pleading mercy from my hubby after my feisty tantrums and potty-mouthed antics. And as a naughty, lil' princess growing up in the 1960s, I similarly found myself across the bed, bare of my fairy-sensitive, lily-white botty, pajama bottoms (swimsuit or shorts and panties) around my knees, waiting for a switching from my furious, stern mother !

In those strict, traditional, domestic times in suburban Georgia, mom told me from an earliest age that my bottom would not be clothed at bath times and would not be clothed at spanking times. Gulp !!! Father was often away, and so my sister and I were raised with mom's flexible, rattan switch and we always gotten it on the tender, bare skin of our botties. For good measure Veronica :-( !!! For sure, such whuppin's were not uncommon in the South in the 1960s/70s in our neighbourhood in Atlanta. But Oh my, she sure was no-nonsense and uncompromising Veronica

Oh my, it sure did us daughters good Veronica !! Today, we are very happy, successful career ladies (and home-makers) in our 50s and we still say to mom (still fit and feisty in her 80s !) that her "don't spare the rod" approach to Faith, family values and spanking was abslutely correct.

Why should you nor be raised the same way right now Veronica ? As a lil' Texas girl, you know already that a mommy-approved unbearable stinging bottom for you is harmless Veronica. My wwhippy, rattan, switchy-stick ("the hornets nest" as my sister and I called mom's switch back in the day)) on a bare botty is perfectly safe, appropriate and effective and will teach you right from wrong. I can promise you that !!! And it will stop you getting into serious trouble when you are older young lady. My mommy told me this in the 1960s (repeatedly !) and oh my, she was so right ! It sure is the lifelong "seat of learning" already Veronica:-)
Strict Mom Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

The smirk will soon be spanked off your face!