Thursday, May 25, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Happy About A Spanking" :)

This is me in my mid-twenties... yes another old photo-set and one with lots of delightful pics of me getting a spanking. First over my black panties and then bare bottom!!! :) We were very recently married and I was so excited to be getting spanked that I was acting quite giddy, like a schoolgirl with her first crush. It was a very mild spanking compared to the ones I presently receive since Tony was still testing my limits but it was very, very enjoyable.... I'm getting a spanking, I'm getting a spanking!!! :)

I'm so excited, I'm about to get SPANKED! :)

I feel all tingly and giddy inside and out!!!

Uh oh... He just entered the room, time to act serious.. LOL!

"Yes honey, I'll be a good girl."

Hmmm.. that feels real good.

"Oh yes, I'll behave daddy"... xoxo!

He whispers in my ear... "Since you seem to enjoy that I'm going to spank you harder."

Time for a real spanking!!!

Panties down!

"Ouch! He's spanking me hard and I'm loving every minute of it."


Spankings are the best thing ever invented... LOL!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous then and gorgeous today Veronica. You beautiful thing !
And your lovely soft botty-bot-bots: lush as it's always been.
Love the lil' black cutey princess panties already Veronica...Boo-Hoo, and never quite remaining in situ missy !
You had some feint tan lines back then Veronica ? Oh my, how lovely x
Always wonderful looking back. And forward too ! :-)
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

i wouldnt know if spanking best thing invented since unlike you i havent been spanked or gotten lot of spankings like you have gotten over years

did you ask Tony to give you spankings at the time
did he know you had intrested in being spanked

you even back then was cute looking young lady flashing your beautiful smile
your smile even today can light up mood and room every time

back then to even now you have cute awesome booty butt
i know tony only one you allow spank you if i had chance wouldl
love to spank you i know you know how i love be spanked by youh
hope have that chance some day so i can say Miss Veronica spanked me hard
need pic and video for proof lol

Anonymous said...

Echoing the others who have commented, you were certainly a gorgeous younger woman and still look marvellous. This photo series has become one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing.

jimc said...

i always enjoy your positioning and i loved the full frontal pic the best as it does show you otk the best. I enjoyed the comments you put on them as well. i would love to see a set of you going otk as that is as much a part of the spanking as the spanking itself. Thanks for all your finds and sharing your spankings with us. Have a great day.

PhilK said...

"The best thing ever invented?" Oh yes!!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing you smiling and happy Veronica!!! Definitely need to smile a lot more to know you really love getting your over-the-knee spankings - so cute!!!! ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Good spanking across those nice panties. You must've been a really naughty young lady.

Njspank said...

Best and most beautiful bottom on the net. Love the panty so hot. Thank you

Tim . said...

Cute then and now ,best spanks Tim x