Thursday, May 18, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "He Completes Me"

               Being married to an old-fashioned husband means getting spanked quite often. When we first got married we obviously knew that we both enjoyed spanking very much so we decided to have a relationship which involved domestic discipline in the form of spanking, lot's of spanking. To be more specific... over-the-knee spanking. Over-the-knee spanking with all the rituals that go along with it. Rituals to include waiting for my spanking, getting a firm lecture prior to getting spanked... the spanking itself which is done with hand or hairbrush and corner-time or reflection.
                He plays his role rather well by being a stern no-nonsense man but a very loving and caring husband. I play my role well by being girly, flirty and a brat! When he spanks me, he holds me across his lap firmly and lectures me during the actual spanking. He knows exactly when to stop the spanking and I love his style of dominance. I plead, whine and kick and he loves my style of submission. He's old-fashioned and I'm all brat and together we complete each other. :)

When I'm told to get ready for my spanking I slip into something that will show off my legs, I know what he likes.:)


I stand in front of a straight back chair and wait for him to enter the room.

I stare at the hairbrush that will soon set fire to my tender girly bottom. :(

I stand besides him as he lectures me...

I nervously wait to be placed across his lap.

Now that I'm in position the spanking begins.

I'm not a stoic spankee... I kick, squirm and fling my long hair.

With one lift of my nightie, my bare bottom is exposed.

Tears soon flow down my face. :(

My ass is soon on fire!!!

I plead... I'll be a good girl.

The spanking is over but the lecture continues.

In the mirror I check out the damage and it turns me on.:)

I'll be sleeping on my tummy tonight. XoXo


Oliver Strict said...

Delightful description of domestic discipline spankings !

Oliver Strict said...

Delightful description of domestic discipline methods

Mike Pahula said...

Do you still remeber the First time you ask him to spank you?

i agree havin mutal intrest in spanking can go long way meaning some one mostly you be one over knee being spanked i can tell you love being spanked getting spankings awesome know sometime you get be top and give him spankings too

do you remeber first time you ever spanked Tony?

have you ever known or figure out he like being spanked too?

Michael Healy said...


Anonymous said...

Please, Please, Please can we see your bare breasts while you are getting spanked???

Anonymous said...

Ah such a happy meant to be red fairy tale spanking marriage made lovingly over-the-knee!!! Wish you the best and many more happy over-the-knee spankings to come! ND =;)