Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday's Spankable

Daddy will soon even out that tan!!!

Nothing beats a pair of tight jeans...

... except tight shorts. :)

"Honey... I burned the food again!"

Smile and have a fantastic weekend. :)

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Anonymous said...

I love tan lines Veronica (photo 1) they are central to my psyche, and I associate them with spanking and with my strict upbringing back in Georgia in the 1960s. Today, my hubby soooo loves my perfect tan lines, my golden. chestnut body...and my big, round, soft, whiter-than-alabaster-white ass :-)

When I was a lil' girl growing up in the 1960s I had the best tan lines in Georgia. So did my sister. We were very fair-skinned girls, but being always outdoors (except Bible study !) we also gotten fabulous, cute sun least where the skin was exposed - not on our snow white bottoms !! Tan lines were a given for Southern outdoor girls Veronica...and so were spankings back then !

I so loved the iconic Coppertone Girl sun lotion advert Veronica. Still do ! Big effect on me , that advert Veronica. Oh my ! I was that cute, lil' Georgia girl with the chubby, snow white botty and my swimsuit pulled down by the lil' doggy. But naturally, being raised in a strict, traditional, religious, Southern household, I also gotten to see that Coppertone advert as a spanking reference ! Bare white botties meant parental spankings for naughty princesses in my childhood Veronica ! Thirty years before naughty steps Veronica, Oh my !

Recently, I have perfected my tan lines and restored my porcelain-white backside in its former glory. Great for retro-father/daughter role-play Veronica. That is the idea. Good ol' switchings of yore ! I purchased some gorgeous 1950s style swimsuits bottoms (very full and large) to completely cover my ass and to stop the UV light reaching it. Naturally I wore very similar, traditional, two-piece swimsuits in the 1960s as a lil' girl...paddling pools in the garden and neighbours' yards and all ! Mommy bought we daughters very conservative, Ol' fashioned, unfashionable clothes. All very strict and controlled in our house !
Then, when I was young, free and single and working in the big city, in the 1980s, I wore bikinis and my tan lines gotten smaller !!

Bath times were fun and sister and I laughed at our chubby, white bums and stark tan lines. Spankings were not fun ! "Spare the rod spoil the child" was the guiding light :-(
Mommy whipped our bare backsides with a rattan switch. We screamed, but the switch was harmless but ferocious. My ever-lasting image is seeing my lil' sister having her white cotton panties pulled down, to reveal a sensitive, pudgy, bare bottom, that was incredibly even softer and whiter than her cotton panties !! Oh my ! I then watched the snow white surface turn rose red, as the switch did its mommy-approved rapid-fire duty ! To the sound of princess wailing ! :-(

Strict discipline did us so much good already. And oh my, we sure gotten plenty of switchings over the years. And for sure, my sister saw my tender, bare, white-skinned botty gotten the same sentence and domestic justice ! It was normal in our house Veronica.
Naughty Brenda - The Coppertone Girl xx