Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday's Spankable

Celebrating Father's day weekend...

Daddy found out I posed for Playboy.:(

"Daddy, I bought you this exercise bike because you're way too fat!"

On my way to visit daddy for Father's day.. xo

Playing golf with daddy... I'm cheating.. LOL!

Taking daddy for a morning run this Father's day.

"Happy Father's day daddy, maybe we'll visit you or maybe not!" Xo!


Anonymous said...

Father's Day Special Veronica :-)
Why is naughty girl number 1 smiling Veronica? Daddy said he's fetching his razor strap. No panties required ?!

For super-sporty girl number 2 (fab bum !) I do so recommend Tony's infamous, patented, hard, black, bendy, rubber-soled slipper for this naughty bare bottom.
"Yes my girl, you keep on pedaling missy. Just You keep spinning. You're gonna work-out whilst you get a good Ol' bare-ass, Texas whoopin'. I'm gonna blister your backside already !", said strict Papa Tony.
Oh my, the noise Veronica ?! I can hear it now...smack, smack, smack, Oucheees.

Last photo: a poor, hardworking, exasperated mommy was saying how naughty her six daughters had been lately. Driving hr insane already. One of the strict, friendly moms down at Church said "Why, those pesky girls...they need their backsides switching good n proper".
"Oh my, what a good idea," said mommy and off she went to get a good, Ol' fashioned flexible rattan switchy-cane.

When she returned back home with purpose, six naughty lil' princess-brats were rounded up in the living room- six pairs of cutey shorts had to come down. Followed by six pairs of cotton panties. Mommy meant business. Things were gonna change around here for sure. No more time outs or naughty steps in this house already....
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Tim . said...

Cute girls botties high in the air for their spanks sis lil cuties ,best spanks Tim x