Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday's Spankable...

It's the end of the school year for these ladies and let's just say that they will all be attending summer school and sleeping on their tummies tonight! 

Smile and have a great weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Time for those naughty little teasing summer school girls to work on their fanny tans by reporting to the naughty devil principal for remedial lessons in over-the-knee fun time spankings!!! With so many naughty little darlings, poor naughty devil principals can never go on a summer vacation and must stay and do his duly appointed over-the-knee spankings throughout the entire year for the amusing betterment of teasing flirty little naughty darlings everywhere! Such sacrifices but rest assured, no burden is too great for naughty devils committed to pleasing flirty little naughty darlings with a nice blushing fanny tan!!!
Wickedly as always, ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Your Japanese heritage Veronica (and fab blog !!) has so gotten me into Japanese spanking themes (photo 1). Thank you :-)

I love It's a kinda Japanese ! :-)
But I would like to see the naughty daughters feel the finest quality, flexible, thin, Japanese rattan across their bare bottoms from their traditional, strict, yet kind mommies! That is because my mother punished me religiously that way when I was naughty lil' girl decades ago. She (correctly) believed a flexible, rattan "switch" on a bare botty was better than a grounding for her two daughters when they were naughty ! Southern mom style, Oh my !

Talking of which. I will fetch my same whippy, rattan switchy-stick for naughty girl number 2. Those cutey, pinky, patterned, cotton shorts will not offer her fairest, tender backside much protection against the "hornets nest" Veronica. Especially when they are around her knees...with her lil' cotton panties too !! That was the rule in our house Veronica. Sure does ensure the stingy-botty-switchy-dance is guaranteed. No need for half-measures. And as a strict, loving mom I was from the "it was not your panties that misbehaved, young lady" school ! Just as my mom taught me ! You will not be surprised to hear me say that Veronica
Strict Mommy Brenda xx