Thursday, June 8, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "The Last Day Of School"

June has finally arrived and so has the last day of school. The last day of school also means final grades and Veronica must show daddy her report card. Daddy enters her bedroom and ask to see his little darlings grades but as usual she failed all her subjects! Not only did she fail but she thinks that it's funny!!! Well we all know what happens next...

Veronica patiently waits for daddy to enter her room.

Not only did she fail all her subjects, she thinks it's funny!!!

A good scolding is in order.

Followed by a good spanking!

Skirt is lifted to reveal white panties.

Panties are yanked down to her ankles...

Now the spanking resumes on her bare bottom!

Such a naughty girl... :)

Now her spanking is over...

... but her red bottom will last for several days.


Anonymous said...

It's the happiest day of the year for naughty devil daddy when his little darling school girl comes home in her cute little school girl mini skirt with yet another bad report card! Oh my, failing yet another year, guess the failing semester report card spankings were not effective at all so Miss Veronica, you will be spanked over my knee much harder and longer to tears this time, that little blushing spanking was just the beginning and we will see just how funny your summer school report card spankings will be too!!! Of course naughty devil daddy will always forgive you to cuddle and love you after your over-the-knee spankings are through, and secretly hope you never pass or graduate to continue being a naughty little school girl earning more over-the-knee spankings in your little sexy school girl mini skirt every year!!!! That my naughty devil daddy's girl!!!
With loving spankings, sinfully yours, ND =;)

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that on Thursday the brat get a second spanking to re-enforce this one
with a strap! Maybe that will get through to her.

Anonymous said...

Spare the rod, spoil the grades...
Truly wonderful sequence Veronica. A proper, naughty, lil' madam across daddy's knee ! Very realistic for sure. The shots of you (bare bottomed) over Tony's knee towards the end are soooo classic ! Hairbrush hard on bare skin is well deserved, young lady.

And oh my, look at your lovely fairy-soft botty in the final photo Veronica. So lush :-) xx I so want to fetch my mommy-approved rattan switch Veronica (the rod of correction as my mom would say). Designed by strict, loving mommies (for sure !) for naughty lil' bare, sensitive, princess bottoms and kept in my cupboard ! Are you gonna do the spanky-switchy-dance Veronica ? And rub your poor chubby red botty ?! Boo-Hoo

Love your traditional, conservative, full-bottomed white cotton panties here Veronica. And I soooo love the panties down photo already !!! :-) As you know (and as my hubby knows already ha-ha) I had to always put my hands on my head while my mother pulled down my ol' fashioned, large, 1950s, white cotton panties when I gotten a switchin' ! Oh my, fifty years ago Veronica !

And I also saw my younger, lil' sister's fairest-soft, whiter-than-snow-white backside gotten revealed the same way of course (hands on her head) when she gotten punished by mom with the rattan switch in those terrible 1960s ! Lovely photo of you and memories for me :-)

In truth Veronica, sister and I were quite good at school and gotten good grades. Mother was so strict and her Christian, stern beliefs would see us getting a bare bottom switching back at home (from age 8) for misbehavior at school ! :-(
We were petrified Veronica. My sister often gotten spanked for lying and I gotten my bottom bared and whupped for tantrums, feisty and potty-mouthed behaviour.
Sister and I are happy and successful. Stinging bottoms from mom did us good....and still do from our hubbies. At least we all have a choice today Veronica ! Oucheeees.
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx