Thursday, June 1, 2017

Super Thursday Presents: "Rosaline Young"

Unfortunately she is no longer making spanking films but she will always remain one of mine and Tony's favorite spanking models. Her bratty attitude really showed up well on film. :)


Njspank said...

She is a wonderful bottom. Classic

Tim . said...

Cute lil spankee girl had sound spanks ,best spanks from Tim x

Mike Pahula said...

Heard rumor or a female spanker said she didnt really like to be spanked or into spanking even no intrested in spanking so maybe did it for the money too as some model only do it for money no intrested in spanking dont think she even did shoot video when she spank some one she was alway one being spanked she was popluar model at time too i enjoy her work and was fan of hers

Anonymous said...

Bad news for sure Veronica, that Rosaleen is no longer on the scene. But good news still are for sure !! :-) x

Rosaleen is the ultimate naughty girl next door Veronica. My hubby's palm itches to give her a daddy-approved, "wait til your father gets home" bare bottom spanking !

So love these two Mother/daughter videos Veronica. When lil' daughters are naughty, the lily-white, fairy-soft botty (unclothed !!! pinky panties to knees young lady !) is the target from an angry mom ! Why are we naughty daughters such strict moms later in life Veronica ?!

My girlfriends back in 1960s Georgia got the Southern strap from their parents. Normally on their bare bums already. That was normal domestic procedure. But in our house the "botty smacker" was a lil' whippy rattan cane (the switch) which lived downstairs in the cupboard and which my religious mother applied to the sensitive bare skin on my backside !! :-( like in the video here. "Don't spare the rod" was the rule :-(

Veronica, so minus Rosaleen Young, is Samantha Wooddley now the perfect naughty lil' daughter next door ? And of course naughty lil' brat Sarah Gregory already.
Veronica, I would like to see you spanked with Rosaleen Y, Samantha W and Sarah G by one of those lovely, realistic, strict caring mommies from

Like, check out the new video today "drunk daughters" - a good role play for you four daughters Veronica ! Oh my, see the hairbrush and strap stinging pale, bare, whitest, chubby botties as Momma Dana and Momma Elizabeth do their duty as strict, loving moms Veronica. Fabulous ! Just like the no-nonsense neighbourhood moms I grew up with !

But, I would like to see you four girls get the nasty, dreaded switchy-stick (rattan cane) from theses two moms, Dana and Elizabeth. Just like my sister and I received from our mom back in the day ! Gonna get a switching young lady !!

Hands on head. Ol' fashioned, cotton, white panties to knees. Pretty Southern Dresses hoisted. Bend over the sofa or bed. Whippy-thwippy-rattan thwacks on vulnerable, defenceless, pale botties and plenty of "soreee mommeeee" crying and bratty-blubbering. Realistic, retro-1960s scenario as we gotten it in my sister's and my house as lil' girls for sure ! Oh my, sooo exciting an idea Veronica !
Strict Momma Brenda xx

Pygophilous1 said...

She ruled. I have a ton of stuff with her on it.