Monday, July 31, 2017

Before the internet exsisted... :)


Anonymous said...

It says, Spoilt brats and damsels in distress on first one, Veronica. Love it ! That's you and me already. And heroes too, like your Tony. And my hubby (and in fairness, my strict mother )
We remember those pre-internet days. Oh my !

I found Debbie and her mother in 1980s (Nu West) compelling. I tried to seek out every edition ! :-)

And oh my , oh my, when I found out that Debbie was the real-life daughter and that her mother punished her (hairbrush to bare botty) when she was a naughty lil' girl growing up. Those real event punishment scenes were then re-enacted for Nu West.

I found this factual real life reporting so thrilling Veronica and was a parallel to my own relationship with my mother in the 1960s at home in Georgia, when I gotten bare bottom punishment with the flexible, rattan switch. Sadly, we did not make videos or photographs like Nu West ha-ha ! Or like mommaspankings already !!!

Love the black n white photos. Good ol' Southern strapping on a sensitive bare white botty. I approve !
. Oh my, she's feeling the swarm of bees. Wow what an expression. Job done. Switchy dance next Veronica :-)
Thanks and spanks
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

look like the spankee was not enjoying the punishment spanking was getting at time not sure if she ask for one or just ended up needing one and husband was punishing her for being bad naughty girl to me one who enjoy spanking as you do mostly look like in pain while being spanked but loving it cause what you wanted some may ask be spanked by spouse or partner not reazlie how bad going hurt until actually over lap being punish

you right before internet all people had was personal ad in porn or spanking magazine that how found people you wanted spank or get spanking from you had do some post ad in magazine now have whole internet to look find some one punish your naughty butt