Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Do you agree or disagree?


smuccatelli said...

Very firmly agree! ASFAIC, OTK is the only proper way to spank, although other positions have their advantages. OTK is also the traditional way most people are introduced to corporal punishment in their younger years... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! It gives me the best view of my SO's rapidly reddening bottom, and watching her squirm is delightful, also.

Nicholas Christie said...

I agree because it, in my opinion, is the most intimate position for spanking. I never had any experience with it, I am hopeful though that I could have the pleasure to have a girl that I like over my knee sometime and vice versa XD

Tim . said...

Oh yes indeed otks looks good botty high in the air.

Anonymous said...

I agree Veronica - bare bottom, variety of implements ! My hubby agrees already ! :-)

Smuccatelli - yes absolutely, I was strictly raised in the 1960s and ended up OTK, bare bottomed over my parents' knees for a good whoopin' in the yearly years. Corporal punishment was a normal, fact of life in our strict household in Georgia.

My punishments and upbringing were fundamental in forming my spanking psyche over the subsequent years and decades, but even more influential was seeing the fairest-soft, alabaster-white skin on my sister's backside turn a shade of ripe tomato under the smacks of my mother's hairbrush, wooden spoon and most especially, mommy's flexible rattan switch. Our countless spankings, bare red stingy botties and my mom's strict beliefs and "not sparing the rod" has formed the foundation of my spanking interests. I am now in late 50s.
Hugs and spanks
Brenda xx