Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday's Spankable

Doesn't know it yet...
but daddy will soon catch her naked with a boy.

Comparing tan lines now and
red marks tomorrow. :)

If our fathers saw us now what would they do?

Patiently waiting...

Pulls down pants and tell hubby to kiss her ass!

Pulls down shorts and tells daddy to kiss her ass!


Anonymous said...

I would kiss their asses with a strap!

Anonymous said...

Sunburn harmful Veronica. Botty burn harmless !!

Oh my, just look at those lovely white chubby botties Veronica. I love tan lines. The sensitive area in white needs spanking ! Clearly defined for a strict, loving, Ol' fashioned home-maker mom who has fetched her switchy-stick from the cupboard for her two disgraced daughters ! Oh my ! Just like real life, let me tell you Veronica !!

As a lil' growing up in a strict, religious, conservative house in Georgia in the 1960s I had the fairest, white, softy-chubby bottom in Georgia. Tan lines were a fact of life for princesses in the South, eh Veronica ?

But I gotten confused about tan lines and about sunburn Veronica. Mom was kind and no-nonsense. She said the Georgia sun was bad for our fairest, white skin. Very sensible Veronica. So we gotten our golden brown tans slowly. On our arms, legs, backs - golden berry brown. Our bums gotten no UV light already. And so remained as white as the cotton fields ! Oh my !! So Veronica, we generally avoided red skin and sun burn.

But I gotten confused Veronica, because when I was naughty, that same kind mommy would pull down my panties and whip that same sensitive lily-white skin (on my botty !!!) with her lil' rattan cane. I was eight years old and very naughty. She said "your backside needs a switching" and the rattan "switch" was always applied to the bare skin on my backside...and my sister's bare backside ! For us, "bare botty" was the scary, mommy-approved harsh rule of corporal punishment. Mother, although kind and loving, did not spare the rod throughout my childhood Veronica

So Veronica, why was red skin on bare shoulders from sunshine bad, but red skin on sensitive, bare botties from a mother's punishment rattan cane good Veronica ? I gotten fascinated with this confusing paradox. My mommy was the strongest supporter of corporal punishment for her daughters and explained this "paradox" about red skins on bottoms many times over the decades Veronica. Boo-Hoo. Mom is now in her 80s and holds the same strict views ! I am in my late 50s and love tan lines even more.

Feeling the ferocious sting on our alabaster-white bottoms we gotten to name the flexible switch the "hornets nest" Veronica. But hornets are harmful too ha-ha...and spankings are not harmful. They were just part of growing up Veronica.

The panties down, baring process revealed our whiter-than-white bottoms. Our white chubby botties seemed to emphasise that we were being punished. The area that gotten to feel the mommy-approved cane was clearly shown in white skin !! A naughty daughters target Veronica ! Oh my, "the seat of learning" already. Our white chubby botties looked sooo cute in the 1960s. Mom said so. But mom was too strict, scary and formal for us to laugh or understand at the time....we gonna get switching on a bare botty. Gulp !!

The exposed white skin made the humbling greater Veronica (a good thing for naughty daughters already !!) Moreover, seeing the snow white surface turn scarlet as my mom flicked the switch with countless stingy strokes (stingy but harmless) and my sister's screaming during her spankings (Oh my !) added to the scary theatre of a smacked bottom from mom !
Tan lines, chubby white bums....(tomato red, whipped, punished botties !) flexible rattan switches and strict religious moms dominated life for me growing up in those 1960s. And no sunburn Veronica. Thank the Lord !
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic Brenda xx