Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday's Spankable

Smile and have a great weekend. :)


jimc said...

Really enjoy the spankables this week. I really enjoy the next to last one as her glasses, hair, stockings and her bottom are really great. Thanks for all you share and have a great day.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't your Wonder Woman panties that misbehaved, young lady ! :-)
I love cartoon panties or lil' character panties Veronica. So does my hubby (for me ha-ha!)
It is a princess brat's rebellion for me. Because when I was a lil' girl growing up in Georgia in 1960s, my mother bought me very conservative 1950s clothes....pretty canary yellow dresses and cutey shorts. So strict !!
Sister and I had to wear large, sensible, snuggly, white cotton panties (yuk!) and when we needed our botties smacked, mommy pulled those ol' fashioned panties down so we would feel the rattan cane on the sensitive bare ! :-(
So cartoon panties have been rebellious ever since :-)
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

smuccatelli said...

Never did a pair of Wonder Woman panties look so good on a spectacular bottom! The other pics are pretty nicce too!

Anonymous said...

Naughty devil's favorite is the beautifully bouncy bottom, love to bounce each beautiful cheeky cheek separately then together in a perfect spanking rhythm over my knee, then bounce between kissing each well spanked cheek! Such fun playtime for cheeky naughty devils!!! ND =;)

Tim . said...

Cute girls with cute botties ,the brunette girl is spanking her botty ,best spanks Tim x

Tim . said...

Brenda you had big spanks in the nineteen sixties when younger ,best spanks V. from Tim x

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim x
Thanks for message. Oh my, I sure did. And my lil' sister too. And most of my girlfriend peers. Bare red bottoms were part of growing up in 1960s Georgia!

As I've written lots, my father was often away on business, and according to my strict mother's traditional, family and religious values, then the fairest-white, fairy-soft skin on my bare, chubby botty was where mom's discipline was focused when I was a naughty lil' girl !!

The "bottysmacker" was not a paddle or strap, but a flexible, rattan switch. I only ever gotten it with my panties pulled down, harsh but harmless on bare skin :-(

I gotten this switch from age 8, bending over the sofa. In earlier years it was the hairbrush over mommy's knee (botty completely bare, naturally !) Mom believed in a proper smacked bottom Tim...."don't spare the rod" and all. My sister gotten exactly the same whoopins. And my mother gotten the same bare backside switchings from Grandma in the 1930s ! It was just a normal part of family life back then. Light years before PC !!

On my chubby bare white botty, this rattan cane ("switch") stung to high heaven. Oh my....that is the idea !! It was fair and appropriate and stern - and sure did me good over the years Tim. And those 1960s values and culture gotten to form my beliefs and disciplinary psyche subsequently. I'm now in my late 50s and my strict, loving mom is in her 80s ! She still tells me a stinging bottom does no harm ! She is so right. Oh my !
Hugs and spanks
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx